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Legal : Maritime Attorney
maritime law definition - maritime Law is a body of law governing navigation and shipping. Admiralty law is under the specific domain of federal law, created through Article III of the Constitution. Maritime Law governs not only U.S. tidal waters, but any waters within the United States used for navigation. A maritime attorney or maritime lawyer specializes in representing passengers and crew members injured due to accidents and assaults on cruise ships. A maritime attorney or lawyer can also advise cruise line employees regarding their rights for wages, medical treatment, and the full range of compensation available in the United States legal system. A maritime attorney or lawyer can advise whether injuries sustained aboard a ship are compensative, what law applies to their situation, and when their claim must be filed. A maritime attorney lawyer can represent crew members that have a right to sue the cruise lines for medical care, living expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and disability. The advantage to retaining a maritime attorney or lawyer is that the victim will be represented by an attorney who understands maritime law. An experienced maritime attorney or lawyer understands the complexities of maritime law, which means a maritime attorney or lawyer is prepared to fight to ensure that their clients receive full and proper compensation.
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