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Healt : Medical Alarm
Medical Alarms are security products which are used to monitor small personal emergencies so that help can be on hand as soon as possible. Medical alarms are also known as medical alert devices and are monitored 24 hrs a day. Most of these medical alarms come in the form of pendants, key chains, or medic alert bracelets. This makes medical alarms small and convenient to wear and carry around. Most medical alarms are also waterproof, so you do not have to take them off while you are in the shower. You can get a medical alarm by paying a monthly rent, or choose from ones that offer a one time fee. Medical alarms work where there is a phone line. In case of an emergency, all one needs to do, is to press the emergency button on the medical alarm device and it will signal the emergency console. The emergency console then contacts either the medical alarm company or your emergency contacts
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